In January of 2007 I had surgery for a cerebral aneurysm.  Although the surgery was a great success the recovery period was several months.  Brenda Cartier offered to come to my home and introduce me to restorative yoga to help with my healing process.   I had never experienced a yoga that was so relaxing and calming.  In these sessions in my home Brenda guided me through breathing and visualization while learning to relax my body and mind.

I have since attended restorative and gentle yoga classes at Brenda’s Exhale Studio. Going to her classes is like having a mini vacation.  I always come away feeling revived and calm.

Brenda has found her calling in her yoga teaching.  She has an intense passion for her work.  She has a soft calming voice as she guides us through our practice and shares a yoga reading.


Dauneen LeRose