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Dauneen LeRose

In January of 2007 I had surgery for a cerebral aneurysm.  Although the surgery was a great success the recovery period was several months.  Brenda Cartier offered to come to my home and introduce me to restorative yoga to help with my healing process.   I had never experienced a yoga that was so relaxing and calming.  In these sessions in my home Brenda guided me through breathing and visualization while learning to relax my body and mind.

I have since attended restorative and gentle yoga classes at Brenda’s Exhale Studio. Going to her classes is like having a mini vacation.  I always come away feeling revived and calm.

Brenda has found her calling in her yoga teaching.  She has an intense passion for her work.  She has a soft calming voice as she guides us through our practice and shares a yoga reading.


Dauneen LeRose


– Dauneen LeRose

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Sincerely yours Barb Whyte

Dear Brenda, Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had at your restorative class. Your studio is warm and welcoming and after a busy week it was amazing to settle into your class and let all my worries drift away. I have been doing yoga for almost eight years and I loved the way you encouraged everyone to move at their own pace, teaching us to be compassionate to our weaknesses. Your comforting words and gentle touch create a world that is both inspirational and soothing at the same time. I walked out the door feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I can’t wait to tell all my friends what a great yoga experience is awaiting them at your studio. Thanks so much.

– Sincerely yours Barb Whyte

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Amie Bowden

I have been doing Yoga for 11 years and have done several different styles and have had all sorts of teachers, but Brenda has been my favorite. What I love about her as a teacher is that you can walk into her class as a very experienced yogi or having never stepped foot on a yoga mat in your life and have an awesome practice. She always makes you feel welcome, safe, capable and at ease but also gives you a challenge. As most people today, I have a very full life but Ive made my Wednesday night yoga class a priority. Its a time to reconnect with my body and mind and I always come away feeling energized and relaxed. Exhale Yoga Studio is a beautiful environment for practicing yoga I feel so blessed and grateful to have this wonderful studio right here in Cranbrook.

– Amie Bowden

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Sandra Hunter

I really enjoy practicing yoga at Exhale Yoga Studio, it is such a lovely space, it is clean and beautifully decorated. Brenda is so warm and welcoming and she is an amazing yoga teacher. I usually go to Brenda’s yoga class, but have been to classes with other instructors there and I have never been disappointed. Brenda always comes around in her classes and does personal adjustments and always supplies the class with modifications to poses. All the props you need for your practice are supplied. I always leave Brenda’s class feeling both relaxed and energized. I’m glad I take time out of life’s busy and hectic pace to breathe and be in the moment on my mat and I thank Brenda for giving me the space and the guidance to do so.

– Sandra Hunter

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Sandy Zeznik

Brenda provides a very supportive atmosphere in her studio.  I look forward to the therapeutic classes and know that Brenda will tailor the class to our abilities and whatever challenges we may be experiencing that day.

Yoga is an important part of my overall fitness program and assists me with my Dragon Boating.  The asanas and breathing techniques, I’m sure, helped me to make the challenging and wonderful Pachu Picchu trek.

Such a personal and caring touch!  When I leave Brenda’s class I move easier and feel better!  Namaste.

Sandy Zeznick

– Sandy Zeznik

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Wendy Bjordal

I have been going to Brenda for 6 yrs now. She is a wonderful, compassionate teacher. Walking into the studio makes me feel peaceful and calm. The yoga I have learned helps me in my everyday life both physically and emotionally.

– Wendy Bjordal

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Denise Pedersen

I am a 65 year old active senior who resisted yoga practise for far too long. Yoga provides the necessary balance to my activities with gentle stretching and relaxing in a pain free way. Exhale yoga is a non-judgemental and supportive environment for reconnecting with your self physically, mentally and spiritually. Come and join us. You will gain so much.

– Denise Pedersen

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Joanne Pighin

Each class is a fresh start which always generates feelings of warmth and an appreciation for the body. Brenda’s practices allow us to look at ourselves and be nourished by the restorative poses. Every day is different but the class continues to give release to our muscles and emotions through a well structured class.The series of asanas give the participant time to be yourself and learn the benefits of yoga. The studio has a spacious, relaxing and sincere atmosphere which creates a positive experience and energy. Minute by minute. Pose by pose, and breath by breath you are lead by an instructor who is knowledgeable, empathetic and committed to continual professional development. Namaste

– Joanne Pighin

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Marina Simons

Exhale yoga studio is my haven, the place where I can let go of the busy day, the problems & craziness of the world and truly be still….exhale….and then fill my lungs with the life giving fresh air that’s ours to breathe, if we only take the time to do it! At least twice a week I treat myself to that and enjoy every minute with a wonderful person, Brenda, giving much more than just a few yoga poses to every student that enters Exhale Yoga Studio! Kind regards, Namaste

– Marina Simons

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