Yoga Night Fundraiser

Brenda and Hailey will be hosting a Yoga Fundraiser at 5:15 pm on Monday, December 22nd in support of Tanya Hisch who headed to Tanzania to dig a well at Green Eden School. She  helped fundraise for, plan, and build in 2011 when I visited and worked on many sustainable Development projects there.

This yoga class night which by donation, with the proceeds going to the fundraiser.

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Chakra Yoga, Nutrition & Herbalism

Chakra Yoga, Nutrition & Herbalism on Saturday, November 29th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. $40 Please pre register with Dee Holden

Just in time to prepare us for time with family we will be exploring the Sacral Chakra, this powerful energy center governed by the element of water and our emotions. The Sacral Chakra supports healthy relationship with others and always ourselves:) In between asana’s we will sip sacral strengthening tea, learn about plants as food and medicine to nourish and explore appropriate and healthy boundaries in all our relationships.

chakra yoga/herbalismexhalecopy

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Heart Yoga

Heart Yoga posterRelax and rene yourself with a heart centered yoga and loving kindness meditation retreat with Karuna and Paul Erickson.

Chakra Yoga, Nutrition & Herbalism

An exploratory Journey through the Energy Anatomy weaving Yoga postures, guided meditation & movement, deep relaxation, color & sound with the knowledge of how to nurture our bodies and spirits with Plants as Food and Medicine to correct imbalances in the body and Energy System. We will explore each Chakra in depth, the mental and emotional patterns they can carry, taking tools home with us to cleanse and re-balance our own Systems.


(Creativity, Polarity, Abundance)

Saturday,January 11th at Exhale Studio
1:00 – 5:00



with Dee Holden

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Family Herbalist

                              Integral Yoga Practitioner


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Restoring Function- Yoga Therapy Workshop

Restoring Function – A Yoga Therapy Workshop March 15, 2013

Yoga from the Pelvic & Inner Core: 9:00 am – Noon

Learn how the balance between strength, endurance, release, breath, and awareness are all important to the health of the pelvic floor and inner core. Discover how it may not be issues with the pelvic floor but instead the muscles and connective tissue that surround and interact with its function that may the true culprits to pelvic floor weakness. As a gateway to stability in the body, a healthy pelvic floor and inner core is vital to our foundation and can significantly improve

Yoga for the Shoulder Girdle:  1 – 3:30 pm

Do you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Explore and experience methods for releasing tension and tightness that we build up in our shoulder girdle. Learn the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and its connections to the rest of our body allowing us to feel freedom and lightness in our posture.

Sole Connection: 3:45 – 5:15 pm

Free the feet from the confines of the shoe and discover how to improve core and hip stability/

mobility through the workings of the feet. Integrating mobility, stability, strength, balance and fluidity; take tools away that will transform the way you think about the feet’s role in yours or your client’s alignment, movement, and functional health.

Suzette O’Byrne, is a sought after international presenter specializing in yoga teacher training, yoga therapy, indoor cycling, and personal training. Suzette is a faculty member with Mount

Royal University’s Yoga Therapy Program and the author of Yoga for the Core: Finding
Stability in an Unstable Environment. Suzette holds a bachelor of science in

kinesiology and her credentials include, Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 level) & YAA Intermediate Yoga Instructor.

Workshop fee: $120 or $55 for morning only (limited space) For more information and to register contact:
Brenda Cartier 


1 250 489-9210.!
Exhale Yoga Studio. #201 14A 13 Ave S, Cranbrook.

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